Something New

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mungkin aku bukan yg terbaik
Mungkin aku bukan sesiapa
Ikut hati mati,ikut rasa binasa

xpe la,asal x kacau hidup aku
senang sket aku bernafas
tanpa ada sebarang prasangka
eh...aku pun dh naik muak laa

Tiba2 emo...........
bukan emo tp sekadar ingin melepaskn
apa nak jadi,jadi la
ade aku kesah?
selama nh apa aku pegang x penah goyah

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

After almost a year,i finally decided to make a comeback for one last project,call me greed,call me crazy,yeaah but i dont really care coz i know,i am who i am because of all these years full of things and chances that i take to makes me grow becoming who i am now.

Its called Career Carnival 2011,and i really looking forward to it coz i know it is one big chances that can open more chances for mw and my team

i can feel it now,the feeling that i always i feel when i handle the programs/project,the vibes,the passion,the commitment and because of that i also want to share it and let the team feels the same way that i feel

is not easy,really...sometimes you have to sacrifices a lot for the sake of your task/project but it is worth it,the feeling when we deliver the task fully cannot be discribed by words,only the one who commit knows how its feels..

wish me luck guys.......................


Monday, March 14, 2011

don't test my patience!
coz i really dunno what will i do next